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In 2022 Then Comes Silence unexpectedly became a three-piece while getting ready for their first US tour. It turned out to be an involuntary test and experiment: could the band continue with only three members? It eventually proved to be a successful endeavour after all and the band decided to continue as a trio for good. 

Then Comes Silence have been on the road touring again with two recent albums 'Machine' and 'Hunger' under their belt: twice in the USA supporting Vision Video and The Bellwether Syndicate, and very frequently in Europe. The metamorphosis of the band led to a different way of creating music and performing live.  

The electronic elements are essential to the band's new album 'Trickery', but are also a salute to punk music, the cradle of Then Comes Silence and the cradle of post-punk. The album was recorded live over just three days at Kapsylen Studio in Stockholm to capture the heart and essence of rock. 

'Trickery', the band's seventh album, celebrates friendship, unity and the feeling of belonging to a group, a tribe. Being a part of what most people would call the goth and post-punk  community is, according to the band, a great privilege.   

Of course there are dark sides to everything, but after being on the road meeting people from the music scene for so many years, the band have experienced a caring and welcoming community. Old and young. Some with a similar background and some just for the love of the music and the culture that comes with the lifestyle.  

Alex: "No one is free from apprehension and fear. Everyone feels some kind of alienation in certain degrees. You might often think you need to camouflage yourself to be part of a context. Make a change to fit in the group. The need for friendship is strong so you adapt. Maybe not always the way you hoped. But then...  there are moments when we unite and harmonize with other people and feel an incredible community together. That feeling is priceless and a blessing. Friendship is love. It is important and worth fighting for." 


Alex Svenson | vocals, bass, synthesizers
Hugo Zombie | guitars
Jonas Fransson | drums


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